About us at Puppy Yoga

Welcome to the Hive!
We are a company that runs interactive events and creates content.
the Hive creates exclusive colonies.
You will have to attend our events before you are eligible to get invited to the Colony in your city. There are people that get banned from our events if we think they are too negative. Once you are in "The Colony" than you will get access to exclusive events and giveaways. There is MUCH more to come.



What does it mean to be too negative. From our perspective if we believe your core foundation ( at a subconscious level ) is more "Service to Self" over "Service to Others" you are not welcome within our energy. You are who you hang around, vibes are contagious. We strive to help in the process of advancing/elevating humanity/consciousness into light/love.



Check us out on  Instagram @PuppyYoga for puppy heaven