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Most likely breeds and LOCATIONS

Nov 23 : Huskies or Golden Retrievers ,

Nov 23: 213 Sterling Road (unit 202)

Nov 24 : No longer available. To the few with tickets your account is now authorized to use the code PRESALE222 to transfer the tickets to any current and future dates. The transfer code will never expire until it is used. 

Nov 30 : Huskies or Golden Retrievers

Dec 7 : Golden retrievers 

Dec 7 : Golden Retrievers 



Please show up no earlier than 15min before your class.

If you paid $39.99+tax you can give $35 cash at the door for a refund of your original online purchase. 

NO SPECTATORS this is a yoga class


We can accommodate up to 15min late, more than that you will not be granted access.
Locations will be added here as they are confirmed

READ THE "Class Info" 

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